Iron Man (2008)


Jarvis – Paul Bettany


“Mad Money with Jim Cramer” Courtesy of CBNC


Poster from “First Blood” appears Courtesy of StudioCanal Image.


“Now II” and “Stations of the Cross: Fifth Station”

  • Copyright 2007 The Barnett Newman Foundation, New York /
  • Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


“Thira” and “Adriatics”

  • Copyright 2007 Brice Marden / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


Still photo from “Tucker: The Man and His Dream”

  • Copyright 1988 Lucasfilm Ltd. Used with permission.


Superbad (2007)

Becca – Martha MacIsaac

Jules – Emma Stone

Father with Bat – Mark Rogen

Math Teacher – Steve Bannos

Young Seth – Casey Margolis

Young Becca – Laura Marano

Vagtastic Voyager – Matthew Bass


Seth’s Drawings by David Goldberg


Ultimate Fighting Championship ®

  • Footage provided by Zuffa, LLC
  • © 2005 All Rights Reserved


Filmed at Sony Pictures Studios Culver City, California


Stunt Coordinator

  • Tim Trella


Unit Production Manager

  • Dara Weintraub


Assistants to Mr. Mottola

  • Elisabeth Stone
  • John Schwert


Assistants to Mr. Apatow

  • Andrew Epstein
  • Greg Cohen
  • Lisa Yadavaia


Assistants to Ms. Robertson

  • Paul Sweeny
  • Chelsey Dailey


Assistant to Mr. Rogen & Mr. Goldberg

  • Matthew Bass


Assistant to Ms. Weintraub

  • Tora Chung


Visual Effects by

  • Pacific Vision
  • Pacific Title


© 2007 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved


Apatow Productions Brand Logo

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Up (2009)


Dedicated to the real life Carl and Ellie Fredricksens who inspired us to create our own adventure books.


Created and Produced at Pixar animation Studios Emeryville, CA


Carl Fredricksen – Ed Asner


Charles Muntz – Christopher Plummer


Russell – Jordan Nagai


Dug – Bob Peterson

Alpha – Bob Peterson

Construction Foreman Tom – John Ratzenberger

Campmaster Strauch – Pete Docter


Executive Producers

  • John Lasseter
  • Andrew Stanton

Story by

  • Pete Docter
  • Bob Peterson
  • Tom McCarthy

Screenplay by

  • Bob Peterson
  • Pete Docter

Co-Directed by

  • Bob Peterson



Pixar Senior Creative Team

  • Brad Bird
  • Brenda Chapman
  • John Lasseter
  • Gary Rydstrom
  • Andrew Stanton
  • Lee Unkrich


Special Thanks

  • Steve Jobs (1 of 18)


Produced by

  • Jonas Rivera


Character Shading & Groom Artists

  • Byron Bashforth (one of 12)


Pixar Senior Technology Team

  • Oren Jacob
  • Eben F. Ostby
  • Rick Sayre


Pixar Senior Staff

  • Ed Catmull
  • Ali Rowghani
  • Jim Morris
  • Lori McAdams
  • Greg Brandeau
  • Joe Grant
  • Ralph ‘Papa’ Lopez
  • Mike Oznowicz
  • Alice Davis


Prints by

  • Deluxe and Technicolor ®


Life Magazine logo courtesy of Time Inc.

  • Life is a registered trademark of Tim Inc. All Rights reserved.


To learn more about the creators of Up, visit


Copyright © 2009 Disney Enterprises, Inc. / Pixar

  • All Rights Reserved


This Motion Picture was created by Pixar Talking Pictures for purposes of Copyright Law in the United Kingdom.

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

Amy – Ann Cusack

  • Sister of John Cusack and Joan Cusack


Waiter – Bill Cusack

  • Brother of John Cusack and Joan Cusack


Cosmo – Brent Armitage

  • Possible relative of the Film’s Director George Armitage





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Secretary (2002)


Stand-ins for Maggie Gyllenhaal

  • Nicole Alexandra Miller
  • Carol Lynn Grant
  • Kathy O’Neill
  • Marlena Defabrizio
  • Kristin Hielleguerde


Stand-ins for James Spader

  • Clinton J. Collins
  • Richard Yett
  • Sam Dunnavent


Stunt coordinator

  • Ignacio Alvarez


Stock Footage Provided by

  • The Image Bank by Getty Images


Opticals and Titles by

  • Title House Digital


Special Thanks to

  • Rick Rosenthal
  • Amy Schiffman
  • Steve Schwartz
  • Lawrence Shainberg
  • Amongst numerous others…


Copyright © 2001 Secretary Productions, LLC All Rights Reserved


Lionsgate Entertainment Corp. Incorporated into White Brand Logo

Jerry Maguire (1996)

Avery Bishop – Kelly Preston

Bob Sugar  – Jay Mohr

Laurel Boyd  – Bonnie Hunt

Marcee Tidwell  – Regina King

Chad The Nanny – Todd Louiso

Tyson Tidwell – Jeremy Suarez

Alice – Alice Crowe


Hawaii Five-O Clip Courtesy of CBS Inc.


Special Thanks to

    • National Football League

    • Bill Bidwell and the Arizona Cardinals

    • Jerry Jones and The Dallas Cowboys

    • ABC Sports
    • Dennis Gilbert
    • BBC Worldwide Americas, Inc.
    • Arizona State University

    • National Basketball Association

    • Linda Peterson Warren – Arizona Film Commission
    • Lisa Colantoni
    • ESPN

    • Jeff Lurie and The Philadelphia Eagles

    • Rob Moore
    • John Wayne Airport

    • CNN

    • Paula Abdul

    • Snell & Wilcox of London
    • National Hockey League

    • Extron Electronics
    • Fox Sports


All Major League Baseball properties used in this picture were licensed by

  • Major League Baseball Properties


Filmed in part at Sony Pictures Studios

    • Culver City, California


As Themselves

    • Roy Firestone

    • Dan Dierdorf

  • Mel Kiper
  • Drew Rosenhaus
  • Tim McDonald
  • Wayne Fontes
  • Mike White
  • Rick Mirer
  • Rob Moore
  • Herman Moore
  • Troy Aikman
  • Dean Biasucci
  • Kerry Collins
  • Tom Friend
  • Jim Irsay
  • Al Michaels
  • Frank Gifford
  • Jeff Lurie
  • Richie Kotte
  • Mike Tirico
  • Evelyn Fontes
  • Johnnie Morton
  • Drew Bledsoe
  • Ki-Jana Carter
  • Art Monk
  • Katrina Witt
  • Warren Moon
  • Erica Sorgi
  • Dallas Malloy
  • Meg Irsay


Assistant to Tom Cruise

Michael Doven


Assistant to Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Shawn Suttles


ABC Football Consultant

Ken Wolfe


Copyright © 1996 TriStar Pictures, Inc.

  • All Rights Reserved


TriStar Logo

  • A TriStar Release
  • a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company
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The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)


Written for the Screen and Directed by

  • Andrew Dominik


Based on the Novel by Ron Hansen


Produced by

  • Brad Pitt
  • Dede Gardner


Produced by

  • Ridley Scott
  • Jules Daly


Executive Producers

  • Brad Grey
  • Tony Scott
  • Lisa Ellzey
  • Benjamin Waisbren


A Scott Free / Plan B Production


Sam Shepard


Mary-Louise Parker


Paul Schneider


Jeremy Renner


Zooey Deschanel


Michael Parks


Ted Levine




Sam Rockwell



  • Hugh Ross


Director of Photography

  • Roger Deakins, A.S.C., B.S.C.



Jesse James

  • Brad Pitt

Zee James

  • Mary-Louise Parker

Mary James

  • Brooklynn Proulx

Tim James

  • Dustin Bollinger

Robert Ford

  • Casey Affleck

Charley Ford

  • Sam Rockwell

Wood Hite

  • Jeremy Renner

Frank James

  • Sam Shepard

Ed Miller

  • Gerret Dillahunt

Dick Liddil

  • Paul Schneider

Wilbur Ford

  • Pat Healy

Henry Craig

  • Michael Parks

Sheriff Timberlake

  • Ted Levine

Dorothy Evans

  • Zooey Deschanel



Costumes Designed by

  • Patricia Norris



  • Followed by Crew Credits



  • Followed by Crew Credits




Filmed on location at


Shot in part on location in the province of MANITOBA.

  • With the participation of the GOVERNMENT OF MANITOBA.
  • Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit.


Produced by

  • David Valdes


A Warner Bros. Pictures Presentation

In Association with Virtual Studios



  • Ian Ferrier


Prosthetic Dentistry

  • Dr. Rick Glassman, DDS


Unit Production Manager

  • David Valdes


Extras Casting

  • Louise Mackiewicz
  • Janet Powers


Visual Effects by

  • CIS Hollywood


Filmed in ARRI ®




This motion picture
© 2007 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Virtual Studios LLC


© 2007 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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Donnie Darko (2001)

Written and Directed by

  • Richard Kelly


Executive Producer

  • Drew Barrymore


Jim Cunningham

  • Patrick Swayze


Ricky Danforth

  • Seth Rogen


Dr. Kenneth Monnitoff

  • Noah Wyle


Karen Pomeroy

  • Drew Barrymore


THE EVIL DEAD courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment, Sam Raimi & Renaissance Pictures

Special Thanks

  • Mike Eves
  • Amnesty International
  • Christina Applegate

  • Christie Brinkley

  • The Estate of Graham Greene

  • Lane and Ennis Kelly


This Motion Picture
Copyright © 2001 Pandora, Inc.


Story and Screenplay
Copyright © 2001 Pandora, Inc.


Filmed on location at Los Angeles, California


The Savages (2007)

Phillip Bosco

Peter Friedman

Gbenga Akinnagbe

Cara Seymour

Debra Monk

David Zayas


Hal Blankenship


Footage from “THE BIG NOSE” and “NIGHT AND THE CITY” (1950)

Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox. All Rights Reserved.


Footage from “ALL ABOUT EVE”
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox. All Rights Reserved.

© 2007 Estate of Bette Davis by CMG Worldwide Inc.



Footage from “THE JAZZ SINGER” Licensed by Warner Bros.

Entertainment Inc. and Tudor Entertainment Co.



© 2007 National Public Radio



Courtesy of Danny Stiles.

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Pulp Fiction (1994)


Written and Directed by

  • Quentin Tarrantino


“The Losers” Film Footage Provided by

  • Gordon Films, Inc. / Castle Hill Productions, Inc.


“Clutch Cargo” Footage Provided by

  • Coral Pictures Corporation


“Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” Poster Courtesy of 

  • Warner Bros.


“The Young Racers” Courtesy of

  • Orion Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved


Titles and Opticals by

  • Pacific Title


Copyright © 1994 Mirimax Films. All Rights Reserved.